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What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks is a blog and what is the point of it?
Think of a blog as an online journal...that's open to the public. It's a place for people to get published, for free, without editing. It's a continual stream of posts with the newest one always at the top of the list. For all you visual learners out there, you can find a fabulous video description here.

How do you have time for this?
It's actually quite simple. We do the things we love, and love the things we do. The things we blog about are part of our everyday lives. The more we blog, the more we're inspired. Now, we don't want to give the wrong impression here...by no means is this blog effortless. It does take quite a bit of time and energy, but it's all for the love of the game. Some people shop for fun.....we blog for fun.

Do you guys really get along?
This blog was born out of a common love for seeing green grow, knowing the food we eat, and making the things we love. More importantly than that, our friendship is deeply rooted in our faith and love for Jesus, which really drives how we approach relationships in general. When it comes to the daily grind of the blog, we compliment each other really well. Kristin looks at the big picture and is a planner. Laura focuses on the details. Kristin looks at the content, colors, words and overall feel of the website. Laura nerds out with the html and graphic design.

How do you handle conflict with each other?
We talk about it. Good communication is essential to our partnership. We value transparency and honesty. If something is bothering us, we talk about it before making assumptions. That often eliminates any potential issues.

Does this blog make you money?
So far, we've made enough money with google ads to go out for a drink. As in, one drink each + tip (which is better than sharing a drink). That's how we've been measuring our earnings. Weird? Not at all. Many bloggers have been able to make blogging a full time job and earn money through different avenues. If we are lucky enough to call ourselves full time bloggers one day, than we will be happy about that. In the meantime, we'll go out for that one drink.

Did I see you on TV?
Yup. About a month after we launched the blog (June 2011), we were approached by a friend from WWLP and invited to do monthly segments on Mass Appeal. You can read more about it here.

Do you have guest authors write posts?
Yes. So far, we've had the following guests:

Are you experts?
Definitely not. We are just passionately curious. However, Kristin has made a successful profession (and has a good portfolio and lots of school loans to prove it) out of landscape design and planning. You can find more information about her business at her website: www.takingrootdesign.com

What about your husbands. Are they friends too?
Yes. What we haven't really mentioned is that we are not only blogging partners, but part of the same social community (aka Valley Church). Our husbands have been friends as long as we have and they serve on leadership together at our church.

Have more questions for us? Feel free to send them our way at planteatcreate@gmail.com.

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